75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 T-shirt

75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 shirt

This is why Borris is a bad choice as well as Farage if he was running they want it all for themselves and their people I believe in looking after your friends but they have to realize they have to listen to what the 75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 T-shirt want to and since Trump said about the NHS going to private running and cashing in on the public as well as our country selling it on the sly just is a stupid idea the NHS is areas, Boris, starting planning already how to help his rich mates out giving the rich more tax cuts what a joke a leopard never changes its spots.

75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 T-shirt

75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 T-shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 hoodie
75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 sweater

This offer is solely to encourage Conservative party members to vote for him as leader and is so unfair to those paying 20% tax on quite low incomes, (like myself, still taxed on a very modest works pension) Also people on low but taxed incomes pay a disproportionate part of their income over in VAT for goods and services. If you have modest income and no savings and are a homeowner, you need to take out insurance policies or service contracts for central heating, plumbing problems, etc., (with VAT/insurance premium tax paid on these too) as you cannot afford repairs….really I doubt Boris or many Conservatives for that matter, actually realise what it’s like, and the 75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 T-shirt is a lot worse off than me with families to support, still paying too much income tax. Talk about introducing policies to help your mates. Disgusted.

75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 tank top
tank top
75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 ladies tee
ladies tee

Even if he reduced the working man’s tax, they’d put it on something else, we have already paid tax on our wage, then we have to pay another 20% in VAT, people like him have accountants to make sure they pay as little as possible to the 75th Anniversary D-Day 1944-2019 T-shirt man. farting will be taxed soon.at almost 82 I’ve been here long enough to know that their first interest is their bank account promise people the moon until they get the votes to get in. then its all downhill after that. they blame the former prime minister for the mess.

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