The Ameozing Spider Cat Shirt

The Ameozing Spider Cat shirt

I’d just like to take the The Ameozing Spider Cat Shirt to thank BBC, as even though I don’t pay for a TV license, I’m still regarded as a top fan!! Me, my family and both my cats are having a celebration tonight! This is mad so they are doing scientific research into calming peoples empathy levels down that crazy im an empath to you can’t do that to people emotions you already class emotions in most cases mental illness.

The Ameozing Spider Cat Shirt

The Ameozing Spider Cat Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

The Ameozing Spider Cat hoodie
The Ameozing Spider Cat sweater

You would think the government would be asking Amazon to pay their fair share of tax before giving them access to our NHS and the revenue it will create for them. So worse case scenario, access is given to Amazon of the The Ameozing Spider Cat Shirt, (even though they are saying only health information!) then they get hacked, what guarantees will there be that our medical records are safe.

The Ameozing Spider Cat ladies tee
ladies tee
The Ameozing Spider Cat tank tp
tank top

Like the majority of sheep who don’t understand how the tax system actually works, tax is only paid on profits Amazon UK make in the UK. They recently gave all their staff an above average rise paying more than the The Ameozing Spider Cat Shirt and when a business invests, there are also certain tax breaks it can claim – the same for any business that invests. If it helps avoid people calling 111, 999 or attending over pressured A&E and walk-in centers then the NHS will jump at the opportunity to simply allow the use of publicly available information within the device at no cost to them.



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