Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Not today shirt

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I should probably start this out by saying that I’m not a fan of bland white dude villains, or “morally grey” ones because I find that often they are underdeveloped and based entirely on society being ingrained to give them more of a chance to be likable than anyone else. Any hint of an anxious lip bite and people want to wrap them up in a blanket and protect them. I have a lot of other Thoughts about how bad this type of thinking is for society (teaching us to always find ways to justify and excuse bad behavior from white dudes and prioritizing their ability to be redeemed over the Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Not today shirt they’ve hurt) and how books like this are extremely harmful but that will have to wait for another day.

Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Not today shirt

Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Not today shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

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Limited edittion 3 sweater

Any other groups as complex villains? Sign me the fuck up, most of those stories are more understanding and compelling. The Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Not today shirt  in this book? No thanks. But I should have known considering I have absolutely no sympathy for Kylo Ren, and the author seems to be a big fan of that type/that character particularly. Take Kylo Ren and create even less of a backstory/reasoning for him, and you get this mess.

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I’m also not necessarily averse to the Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Not today shirt to lover ships but they have to be done well, which was absolutely not the case here, it was very insta-lovey. This book seemed to be all about Malachiasz, and in a poor way because it kept referring to him as anxious and lovable while also constantly talking about how evil he is, without really devoting itself to either, and it felt like that was essentially his whole personality. You have to establish certain things before being able to change them, and you can’t use “villain” as a personality trait.

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