Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt

Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt

I disagree. If you are going to quote International Human rights but feel the need to discount the Saudis, then your argument is lost as you now want one rule for us and another rule for the nations who don’t acknowledge the Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt  rights bill. It’s a contradiction of your beliefs. then how do people reach political figures so readily without social media? Whether you wish to acknowledge or not they control the best means of social engagement over vast areas. Communication that would be far more difficult otherwise. Yet they maintain almost authoritarian control over it.

Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt

Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Bat-signal Joker The Scream hoodie
Bat-signal Joker The Scream sweater

I’m not discounting the Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt at all. I’m simply stating that we shouldn’t use a country like Saudi Arabia as a yardstick or guide to how we should protect our rights. I mean how many times on social media do you see campaigns telling people to write to or email their local politicians about this or that issue? platforms should be public utilities because they function as the modern-day public square. You shouldn’t disenfranchise people from public discourse and these companies are doing exactly that to opinions they don’t agree with.

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It’s operating as a private company providing public services like in public business. The Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt like all of us have contracted a private account but in his case, he uses it for government work. If he used it for personal instead of government then things would be different. It’s his account that is government so bound by government rules. Not the company.

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