Butterfly Nana shirt

Butterfly Nana shirt

Benjamin Lucky Wow, apparently I’m a terrorist and the proud Thatcher years. Where to begin besides telling you that you’re an alt-right lunatic? Let’s go with Thatcher first. What was she so good about? Was it that she to covered up the Butterfly Nana shirt of 2400 people due to AIDS and Hepatitis C? Or was it the Poll Tax? That one was really popular. wasn’t it? There was also the cover-up of Peter Hayman’s pedophilia.

Butterfly Nana shirt

Butterfly Nana shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Butterfly Nana hoodie
Butterfly Nana sweater

Because nothing would make a Briton as proud as knowing that one of the Butterfly Nana shirt top diplomat is a pedophile. That aside, what did she do with the economy? She cut spending but still managed to increase the deficit, Unemployment skyrocketed and the Pound Sterling started its downward spiral on the international markets. Yes, proud Thatcher years indeed. As for me being a terrorist, is it because I say that it’s the banks that created the crash of 2008 with their betting on derivatives and faulty loans? Or maybe that I support universal healthcare? Free college tuition?

Butterfly Nana ladies tee
ladies tee
Butterfly Nana tank top
tank top

I believe that a consenting adult regardless of gender should be allowed to marry another consenting adult. Or maybe it’s because I believe that climate change and science is real, What can I say I don’t believe in the Butterfly Nana shirt Earth created 6000 years ago. I prefer science. Or maybe it’s because I believe that every refugee should be offered the benefit of a due process in accordance with international law when asking for asylum. I also believe in a minimum living wage. Yeah, I’m a terrorist alright, just like Osama Bin Laden. We have so much in common, I support healthcare for all, he smashed airplanes in the World Trade Centre.

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