The Corgi king shirt

The Corgi king shirt

what in the world would copyright have to do with no deal when our artist play all around the world anyway? Is the whole world Europe now is it BBC? Really getting desperate now aren’t we? Next, you’ll be questioning whether we can go to the The Corgi king shirt with a no-deal Brexit. Amusing all the people that don’t work in the industry saying it will be fine. Making it up like anyone cares what you think. All the big industry bodies have been saying what a disaster Brexit is for years. Brexit is basically just a massive load of paperwork that will slow growth and limit our freedom, there is no benefit.

The Corgi king shirt

The Corgi king shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

The Corgi king hoodie
The Corgi king sweater

Oh God! if we leave the EU we’re all going to starve, we’ll be defenseless against Russia and organized crime, the pound will be worth nothing, there’ll be riots in the The Corgi king shirt– and now there won’t even be a decent soundtrack. Best not leave the EU then? Go on the Biassed Broadcasting Corporation … continue with your scaremongering and blatant preference to remain … can not believe how much of an embarrassment you have become constantly peddling your anti-Brexit doom and gloom. You are pathetic; that the only surprise is that you did not change your name a couple of years ago to the European Broadcasting Corporation.

The Corgi king tank-top
The Corgi king ladies-tee

During the The Corgi king shirt War here in Sunny 1980’s Berlin (then West Berlin of course) the Senate and Allies had a mega store of both food and fuel in various forms, I’d suggest Boris & Co get their acts together pretty quickly and start doing exactly the same pronto, innit.

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