Deux freres Shirt

Deux freres shirt

The parallels are mind-boggling. Or maybe it’s because I have a different opinion than yours. And we all know how alt-rights despise freedom of expression when it’s not their own. Along the Deux freres Shirt lines, right wingers also hate facts. Gee, could it be that facts don’t agree with right-wingers either? According to you, that would make facts a terrorist organization, wouldn’t it?

Deux freres Shirt

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Deux freres sweater

I think it was edited like this to stir controversy with the Deux freres Shirt to get clicks views and engagement. But at the cost of journalistic integrity. I would bet 90% of people commenting below have not seen the full interview. I’m not taking sides or expressing my opinion about Ben Shapiro. I just think that you should be entitled to make up your own opinion on his views. And not being manipulated by editing tricks or triggering clickbait headlines. You can edit a video interview in such a way it makes either side look bad.

Deux freres tank top
tank top
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Here is another edit of the Deux freres Shirt but doctored in a way making Ben Shapiro look better and being attacked by the journalist. but it’s a distortion of the full interview. Richard Meeker you do realize that there are these little things in space called satellites and the BBC is broadcast outside of the UK, don’t you? Martine McNee if you are suggesting misrepresenting fact is the norm in the UK you are clearly delusional. When I watch some feeds from the USA I cannot believe what I hear especially Fox News!

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