Dinosaur and heart autism shirt

Dinosaur and heart autism shirt

This is the dinosaur and heart autism shirt of long term care for our elderly. The UK needs to start building hubs like this using technology and smartly designed units to make it easier for carers and those living there. It will save a fortune compared to our current broken system. As I approach my seventies I would hate the idea of living somewhere where everyone is old! I am lucky to live in a place where there are children out playing and a good mix of different ages of people at different stages of life.

dinosaur and heart autism shirt

dinosaur and heart autism shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Dinosaur and heart autism hoodie
Dinosaur and heart autism sweater

My Mum lives in a small town in Spain. The over 60s have always been encouraged to walk at least 1 mile a day, if possible, there are gym classes(free) an active over 60s club, which organize lots of diff activities or just supplies a safe environment to meet up, chat and have a coffee. It has always amazed me the difference between the dinosaur and heart autism shirt in Spain and what is provided over here.I believe it’s called humanity something modern attitudes and governments are generally short of. Not hard to replicate and far better than ghastly care homes run by a profit making companies and often abusive people. Fantastic!

Dinosaur and heart autism tank-top
Dinosaur and heart autism ladies-tee

Terrific! And best of all, this is where they’ve always lived. And the dinosaur and heart autism shirt can be among nature and gardens, even fishing. A normal life – with support. Hope this spreads. What a fantastic idea it,s about time all governments looked at this we need something like this to look after our OAP s, after all, we will all need to help it,s time this was sorted out.

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