Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt

Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m not compatible with Stephen King’s newer novels. I’ve really enjoyed working through his backlist, and I am here for all the 80’s/90’s old school horror and sci-fi, but the newer brand of SK and I just haven’t clicked. I was sorely disappointed in Sleeping Beauties last year, so I was hesitant to pick up The Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt immediately. After waiting a few months and giving the hype time to die down, I finally decided it would be the next pick on my unread shelf to dive into. Guys, I am SO glad I picked this up; The Outsider has given me faith in the new brand of King and the reassurance that it’s ok not to click with an author’s every piece of work.

Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt

Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Donald Trump Witch Hunt hoodie
Donald Trump Witch Hunt sweater

I had been warned ahead of time that this wouldn’t be a straightforward crime novel, and I think that guidance helped me place my expectations in just the right place before embarking on this strange and fascinating journey. The Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt felt like it was divided into two separate stories, yet connected centrally in a way that flows and is understandable once you’ve read the book.

Donald Trump Witch Hunt tank top
tank top
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Part police procedural, part old school horror, this book was entirely compulsive and satisfying. the Donald Trump Witch Hunt shirt We begin with a beloved local father figure accused of a horrific crime (TW for graphic descriptions of child murder, sodomy, pedophilia, and desecration of a body), and I was pleased and a bit shocked at how well King transformed a seemingly straightforward investigation into a thrilling page-turner.

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