Dungeons And Cats

Dungeons And ladies tee

When plastic is burned, it releases dangerous chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, dioxins, furans, and heavy metals, as well as particulates. These emissions are known to cause respiratory ailments and stress human immune systems, and they’re potentially carcinogenic. I pray for the Dungeons And Cats of all the protesters and police officers first but I truly hope their demands are met and it doesn’t turn into a crackdown on Hong Kong by China. Getting sent to mainland China means you will be beaten back into being a good citizen and then add another 15 years for good measure.

Dungeons And Cats

Dungeons And Cats hoodie tank top and sweater

Dungeons And sweater


This government is neither by the people nor for the Dungeons And Cats. The police, salaried by taxpayers, is now using taxpayer-funded armor to protect themselves and taxpayer-funded gear to attack these taxpayers  Watch what the HK police is doing to the peaceful protesters. countless tear gas, plastic bullets, violence! and where is Carrie Lam? hiding somewhere. A lot of gov’t officials’ families have overseas citizenship, like the UK, US, Australia, they sold HK’s future to mainland China while earning a high salary and expecting happy retirement life overseas.

Dungeons And tank top
tank top
Dungeons And ladies tee
ladies tee

A small group of very stupid & ugly HK government officials pushed the negative sentiments of Hong Kong people to the Dungeons And Cats, taking their own shackles and taking their own insults. Hong Kong’s governance is deteriorating! Hong Kong’s freedom is in danger Beginning of the end for Hong Kong and the locals know it. It has been a shelter against China for some time. Now that is breaking apart.

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