Firefighter Blanket Shirt

Firefighter Blanket shirt

I am a survivor of domestic abuse. He almost beat me to death and I was fortunate there were no knives nearby. I’m lucky to be alive. It’s very much in the past for me but even more, than thirty years later, I still can’t leave knives out on the Firefighter Blanket Shirt and all my knives are blunt. My friend was killed with a blunt object, over 300 wounds. I’ve lost a friend to words, coercion and manipulation, pushed to take their own life, when are we going to start understanding abuse?

Firefighter Blanket Shirt

Firefighter Blanket Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Firefighter Blanket hoodie
Firefighter Blanket sweater

Well at least they’re trying to do something, however ridiculous it seems, what we really need is better laws and more protection for victims, but as the Firefighter Blanket Shirt keeps cutting budgets then it’s going to be an uphill struggle. The police need to listen to Jessica Eaton. She is right that this will act as a trigger. The victims need to be given a way out of a violent relationship especially if anyone feels that such a change would help them. It may be well-intentioned, but it won’t stop the violence. It will just change the weapon used.

Firefighter Blanket tank top
tank top
Firefighter Blanket ladies tee
ladies tee

This country is fuc£ed! A blunt knife would do more damage. It’s about time this country gave more rights to the Firefighter Blanket Shirt to be able to defend themselves with an object of equal or greater force. The most incredibly stupid idea I have ever heard. It does provide considerable back up however for my idea that the police force is actively recruiting/promoting morons.

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