Firefighter with Mickey mouse shirt

Firefighter with Mickey mouse shirt

I mean I don’t even believe having feet up in the dash anyway, but I’m so scared.I don’t even want to drive anymore this is why i tell you never to put your feet on the Firefighter with Mickey mouse shirt, extremely dangerous,I am so guilty of riding with my feet on the dash. I was in a horrible accident in March and had my feet been up I can’t imagine what the outcome would have been.If I had the option to add a photo of car here I would. Which you might not have if your feet were on the floor where they belong. Why I always made a big deal when you had your feet on the dash on our road trips.

Firefighter with Mickey mouse  Ladies Shirt and tank top

Mickey And The Bravest ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Mickey And The Bravest tank top
tank top

That and respect the shirt I think people who do this are extremely tacky, trashy and disgusting but here’s a good reason not to do it. I feel like breaking every bone in your lower leg in the case of an accident is reason enough for me to not do this yes, this is how science works. One study, under one set of conditions, by one research team which can generalize to all situations. The Firefighter with Mickey mouse shirt from getting such injuries the whole test was incomplete for me. this is why I tell you to get your feet off the dashboard! It ain’t just because they are crusty, it’s for your safety!If they allow a roll cage to be fitted in every car i can almost tee less deaths and less harm to your body on impact to any accident look at the legs.

Firefighter with Mickey mouse  hoodie and sweater

Mickey And The Bravest sweater
Mickey And The Bravest hoodie

This is for every single time you put your legs up when you get scared in the truck and i tell you every singe time to stop doing that I’m not directly lethal but if it was a real person and they went in to shock the shock from the Firefighter with Mickey mouse shirt . It’s just experiment with dummy but in real life accident is very devastating you can’t imagine what happy exactly in seconds I’m always yelling at a certain someone for doing this.I have a friend whom broke her back sitting that exact way during a collision, had to learn how to walk all over again. remember when I told you what if we crash and my legs fold all the way back  and you laughed at me Well if you really love to sit with your legs against the dashboard so much then just avoid getting involved in any car accident.I just don’t understand people take them to a shelter this makes me so angry!How can people be so heartless if you don’t want them take them to no kill dog pound what the hell is wrong with people. Bless you for taking care of them for the Firefighter with Mickey mouse shirt for Susanna this is is a serious problem and the law needs to become stricter for pet owners thank you for saving these puppies! Sad that some people would leave these poor things to suffer.

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