Flamingo Don’t Panic shirt

Flamingo Don't Panic shirt

Today this song is sung much differently than it was Originally, originally it was done with a country twang, it’s nice this way too though I don’t care for the the last few decades of country but these two did well. but could only listen for so long until I start getting twitches. I just listened to the Flamingo Don’t Panic shirt Jones version an I luv the old songs but I gotta say Chris Stapelton version is outstanding better.

Flamingo Don’t Panic shirt hoodie and tank top sweater ladies tee

Flamingo Don't Panic hoodie
Flamingo Don't Panic sweater

Kenyatta originally sang by George Jones !!! And who cares they sang the fuuuuuck out of the song That is the way of the world young blood remakes and that’s ok I love it! I don’t care who’s the singer! I love all kinds of music because, that’s what makes the world go round. Stay blessed up Great performance, but note, it is Chris’ wife Morgane Stapleton also on stage adding to the Flamingo Don’t Panic shirt vocal mix of Justin and Chris. I’m sorry. I’m gonna be that person and say I just don’t get what’s special about Chris Stapleton. I just do t think he’s that great of a singer.

Flamingo Don't Panic tank top
tank top
Flamingo Don't Panic ladies tee
ladies tee

I dedicate this to a person I can’t name from 1988. But mostly to my soulmate Billy. Who I miss so much. 2 men that I know truly loved me more than anyone  I absolutely loooove this song! I want to cry every time I hear it, one of the Flamingo Don’t Panic shirt, brings back lots of memories to me.

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