Fuck Don’t be a cactus shirt

Fuck Don't be a cactus shirt

The Fuck Don’t be a cactus shirt was launched in that area after pressure from allied forces because as per them they losing in afg caz of NWZ, now by writing this review it is clear that secret agenda is being promoted ever try to write about war crimes in afg NO? Why? Caz human rights BS is a tool to create unrest in countries noting else what HR commission has achieved otherwise?

Fuck Don’t be a cactus shirt

Fuck Don’t be a cactus shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Fuck Don't be a cactus hoodie
Fuck Don't be a cactus sweater

Shame on the BBC news!! Your supporting terrorist who killed locals and played football with there heads. PTM Is a terrorist group funded by groups in Afghanistan and India. 75,000 Pakistani citizens have been killed by terrorist attacks in Pakistan. 6000 Pakistani soldiers killed in the fight on terror.PTM is an anti-Pakistan movement and dangerous be careful who you support! Those who have been killed were running schools for suicide bombers and sending terror to the Fuck Don’t be a cactus shirt what happened to human rights when they killed hundreds of school children in Peshawar Pakistan other countries want more from pak army to finish safe haven for terrorists but now trying to use human rights shield.

Fuck Don't be a cactus tank ttop
tank top
Fuck Don't be a cactus ladies tee
ladies tee

The same world was crying when the Fuck Don’t be a cactus shirt were killing innocent people, attacking mosques, military, etc. Now if Pak army has successfully fought this unwanted war, you have started blaming Pak army. PAK ARMY is our love, our life, brave soldiers have embraced martyrdom to restore peace in the region. It’s collateral damage of so-called American war against terror, BBC go to Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq to expose human rights violations committed by America, Israel and India but you will not do that because you are paid media house.

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