Hotdog Ha Karitoon Shirt

Hotdog Ha Karitoon shirt

It’s time for the Hotdog Ha Karitoon Shirt to back away from this Trump administration, it is leading us into war. It’s clear that they want Iranian oil so are bullying Iran. Sure Iran is no saint when it comes to terrorist attacks but neither is the US.I wonder what Trump would do if the EU behave the same towards them. The trade deal between the 2 blocks is massive but let’s not forget the US needs the EU more than vice versa. What if the EU kicked out the hundreds US of the milatary basis? Where would the US go “to protect” themselves?

Hotdog Ha Karitoon Shirt

Hotdog Ha Karitoon Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Hotdog Ha Karitoon hoodie
Hotdog Ha Karitoon sweater

The EU needs to be tough and stand together and not follows the US blindly (as the UK does, especially now as they need the Hotdog Ha Karitoon Shirt more when they leave the EU) when it comes to these things.  I do not believe for one second that the Saudis are not involved in some way. They have been wanting to get rid of Iran for YEARS. Despite their horrible regime, the average Iranian is far more peaceful and educated than some of their neighbors, and if given enough time and the right tools, Iran could easily develop into a more modern, western-friendly powerhouse in the Middle East with a geographical advantage as well.

Hotdog Ha Karitoon tank top
tank top
Hotdog Ha Karitoon ladies tee
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This would absolutely destroy Saudi Arabia, both in terms of economy and balance of power. Just look at how concerned the Hotdog Ha Karitoon Shirt suddenly were about terrorist fundings when they started their blockade of Qatar – which they would happily remove later if Qatar stopped diplomatic relations with Iran… It would not surprise me if they pushed Trump to step out of the nuclear deal.

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