Impeach Pelosi shirt

Impeach Pelosi shirt

We as a nation have spent $23.5 trillion on welfare programs since 1965.(that doesn’t include SSI) That money has had NO effect on the Impeach Pelosi shirt rate. Was and still is between about 12.5 and 14.5%, throughout that time frame. So the question, “Should we quit wasting our money on welfare as well?” We have been there to help stop the atrocities being committed against the Kurdish people, nothing more. I was an Avenger Crewmember I could make any statement I want. You must be talking about the political military positions. Generals. Most people don’t serve 20 years ever since the first Iraq war. Soldiers just want to live in honor. Their safety is at risk because Trump can’t shut his mouth.

Impeach Pelosi shirt

Impeach Pelosi shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Impeach Pelosi hoodie
Impeach Pelosi sweater

Pelosi will wait and then vote for impeachment, regardless of evidence or lack of it. In effect, she has given up the operational authority of the House to AOC and intends to throw the whole manner of Impeachment to the Senate and Chuck Schumer. He really doesn’t understand why Pelosi won’t call a vote. She knows – as do Republicans – that if she calls a vote that everything that the Democrats are saying and doing is going to come into the Impeach Pelosi shirt view. She knows that’s not good for her party (Robert Francis isn’t smart enough to realize that the whole Democrat party is rotten from the top down.) President would dearly love for her to call the vote.

Impeach Pelosi tank top
tank top
Impeach Pelosi ladies tee
ladies tee

They don’t even have any evidence for obstruction of justice, so how could they criminally Indite someone. This is a big waste of time because the Impeach Pelosi shirt will not convict the president of any crime. They realize that the Democrats have exposed themselves as corrupt.

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