J Cole Face Born Sinner Shirt

J Cole Face Born Sinner shirt

Best what you’ve not mentioned are individuals. There is absolutely nothing wrong with researching a subject for general discussion and saying “statistically speaking, x religion causes y problem” That’s what data is for. What I absolutely wish the J Cole Face Born Sinner Shirt community would understand is this… Statistics are amazing because you can make them say almost anything you want.

J Cole Face Born Sinner Shirt

J Cole Face Born Sinner Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

J Cole Face Born Sinner sweater
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The J Cole Face Born Sinner Shirt can never provide a solid “yes” or “no” on anything. So, with that in mind, it is ok to discuss data, however, just because, statistically speaking, terrorist attacks are done by Muslim extremists (as an example), does not make every Muslim a threat or a bad person. Thus, picking a random person who might be Muslim (either assuming it or because they’ve mentioned it) on social media and referring to them as “less than human” etc is not just about hate speech towards religion as a whole…It’s making a snap decision about a person you’ve never met, will never meet and know exactly 1 thing about them… They’re Muslim. Now. I dunno about you, but if I’m walking down the street and someone called me a maggot or a rat because I am a white female… I’d be pretty upset.

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Although ideally, people should go through life without such insults and discrimination, my concern is that the more censorship is normalized, the J Cole Face Born Sinner Shirt it will go. I also don’t know if allowing offensive speech would result in dialogue that would change those people’s minds or in more people being convinced that certain demographics are superior or inferior and feeling emboldened by others vocalizing it, such as how anti-immigrant sentiments drastically increased since Trump ran for president.

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