L7 Weenie Shirt

L7 Weenie shirt

Except it doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland because we’ve a shared energy market with the Republic of Ireland and will be open to targeted hikes by Irish electric companies looking to make profit off of customers north of the L7 Weenie Shirt they should link the mainland grid to NI with underwater cables and separate the cross border grid too much of the border area slack is being met by NI power stations that can’t cope with the demand.

L7 Weenie Shirt

L7 Weenie Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

L7 Weenie hoodie
L7 Weenie sweater

One of the most sophisticated // great ideas. Corbyn can handle it…… the problem is certain groups of people are afraid of Corbyn and are afraid of what he can do to right within society. These groups are the money grabbers, thief’s inc bankers, and media cooperations, construction companies etc and some private companies too Energy networks that are owned by the public and responsive to the L7 Weenie Shirt interest will be able to prioritise tackling climate change, fuel poverty and security of supply over profit extraction, while working with energy unions to support energy workers through the transition.

L7 Weenie tank top
tank top
L7 Weenie ladies tee
ladies tee

The majority of all privatized utilities like water, electricity, Gas and the railways are owned by companies from other countries outside of the L7 Weenie Shirt whose governments would never allow it to happen in their countries If only that worked. We saw it in the ’70s and it was a ruinous disaster. Yes, in principle I agree with the comments that national utilities, etc should be not for profit and run publically. But it never works in the UK. It was a disaster. Service is awful, money is wasted, efficiency tanks, workers think they can demand whatever they like and hold the country to ransom.

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