Our Lady of Fatima shirt

Our Lady of Fatima shirt

Why do protesters protest where it affects the everyday people? why can’t they protest on some field away from everyone or stand around the Pentagon and White House? I don’t condone him driving into those people, but when will self entitled people understand that there are people who just wanna get on with their life and they ain’t got the Our Lady of Fatima shirt for your bullsh#t and if you push them too far they will snap, like in this case, this didn’t have to happen, my saying is, if your brain ain’t working properly, the whole body suffers, like in this case.

Our Lady of Fatima shirt

Our Lady of Fatima shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Our Lady of Fatima hoodie
Our Lady of Fatima sweater

Do you think anyone who can’t control themselves emotionally under pressure should even be a member of any law enforcement organization? If coming across some protesters is “pushing him too far…”. It might be time to retire. He obviously doesn’t have the control required to perform the Our Lady of Fatima shirt.They were blocking the way, it’s not like he could have driven around them, that doesn’t excuse him driving into them of course, but to the people who think the World spins around them, don’t be suprise when someone snaps because of your bullsh#t.

Our Lady of Fatima ladies-tee
Our Lady of Fatima tank-top

Why should the officer accommodate the pro Our Lady of Fatima shirt testers feelings and rights when those protesters didn’t want to do the same for the officer? They could have just let him through and continue protesting, nooo they had to stop him and throw tantrums smh, as I said, you have no right to get someone else involved in your bullsh#t, and if you do try, don’t be surprised when people snap.

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