Lip Shut The Fuck Up Shirt

Lip Shut The Fuck Up shirt

Oh the bloody irony of a country that has slammed the ‘backward thinking’ of Middle Eastern countries, oooh, you know like Iran for the Lip Shut The Fuck Up Shirt  of women under sharia law. At least they’re bloody honest about it, believe me when I say that anyone who wants an abortion will get one, legally or otherwise. There will be a secret network formed of doctors, nurses and others who will provide them. It makes me sick to see these smug arrogant faces as they take America backward.

Lip Shut The Fuck Up Shirt 

Lip Shut The Fuck Up Shirt  hoodie tank top and sweater

Lip Shut The Fuck Up hoodie
Lip Shut The Fuck Up sweater

Paula Jones in Muslim law it’s an obligation to terminate a pregnancy resulting from rape unless the termination threatens the Lip Shut The Fuck Up Shirt life. But no one knows the truth about this. Stop talking about what you don’t know. Yes, imagine thinking you’re better than barbarians when you won’t even let women murder their unborn children. What hypocrites they are. Amanda Finley when there is no real substance to your argument, you always have the “no uterus, no opinion” line to fall back on. What a weak minded argument.

Lip Shut The Fuck Up tank top
tank top
Lip Shut The Fuck Up ladies tee
ladies tee

Amanda Finley men have every right to voice an opinion. Their babies are being murdered añd thru can’t stop it. they have the Lip Shut The Fuck Up Shirt to say what they want and vote how they want. Your response is childish and so #resist of you. its repugnant Rob Hawthorne no it’s not good but surely women have rights over their bodies. We know there is contraceptive help but we all make mistakes. I do not agree with abortion but defend the rights of those who need one. These decisions are never taken lightly.

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