Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt

Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt

There should be no talking to car passengers either, it’s the same distraction. Your passengers can’t even talk amongst themselves as you the Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt could still be distracted and crash. They’re going to police it by using satellite’s looking into each and every car. Yeah, good luck with that. Maybe the police should check more often for under influence of alcohol or marijuana which is a lot more then you think. It happened once to me I had in front of me a gent driving with Parkinson’s omg u could tell he should not drive. What will be next can’t talk with a passenger while driving, u can’t use your phone outside your home while u walk. It’s ridiculous.

Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt

Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Make Sacism Wrong Again hoodie
Make Sacism Wrong Again sweater

Nek minute it is banning driver from talking to bloody passenger coz it is a distraction yeah?
All cars will soon be fitted with a Cone of Silence over the Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt. No listening to the radio and making comments about the news either. Unfknblvbl nanny state dipshits. Uber and deliveries company using mobile and is no problem. many taxis got 2 mobiles or Ive seen an airport taxi with a tablet next to her steering wheel.. talk about speed and you let to be sold cars with 200mph unrestricted … so sick..

Make Sacism Wrong Again tank-top
Make Sacism Wrong Again ladies-tee

And yet it’s still okay to use your phone in your hand as long as it’s not for making a phone call! If people can’t have a conversation and be a competent driver at the Make Sacism Wrong Again Shirt time then they probably aren’t a competent driver anyway! Are you going to pave the countryside with a stop and phone areas .? That’s what will happen – plaguing anywhere near a major road – nice sentiment but like any pressure group, they go too far.

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