Merry Bitchmas Christmas Shirt

Merry Bitchmas Christmas Shirt

This is why I’m left-leaning On economic issues but will not vote democrat. We have an all-time high of homeless Americans and Americans that need help but the Merry Bitchmas Christmas Shirt left want to give those resources to illegals. I don’t like trump but I will take trump any day over this New Democrat party. What don’t the Democrats understand about illegal immigration?! You would think that some of them are smart enough to know what the problem is with them siding with the illegal immigrants.

Merry Bitchmas Christmas Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Merry Bitchmas Christmas hoodie
Merry Bitchmas Christmas sweater

When democrats say comprehensive immigration reform what they mean is let everyone in and give them all citizenship. That’s it. I have never once heard one democrat bring up anything other than DACA and open borders. How about we get a handle on illegal immigration first. Put in place a deterrence that will either slow down illegal immigration or make people think twice before illegally entering the US. Then we can focus on immigration reform to allow more legal immigrants to enter who will benefit the US culture and economy. Stop actively looking for illegals for now till we get the Merry Bitchmas Christmas Shirt sorted, and let law enforcement do their job when they come across an illegal immigrant.

Merry Bitchmas Christmas tank top
tank top
Merry Bitchmas Christmas -ladies tee
ladies tee

She will promise anything to get the Merry Bitchmas Christmas Shirt but she will never beat Trump she is a phony. The Democrats have gone so far left there is no return they would sell out the country to beat Trump and the country sees through them. When you base your campaign on supporting breaking the laws of the land you want to swear to protect, you need to reconsider your choices.

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