Moo I’m A Horse shirt

Moo I’m A Horse shirt

I’m extremely happy most of you screaming about how “unsafe” and careless this video is not my parents. My childhood would have sucked. Good Lord people there’s danger in damn near everything you do. The Moo I’m A Horse shirt girl is cute, obviously loves riding, can problem solve and has a great horse. Great video, great parents for exposing her to more than an iPhone and Xbox. Good job Watching old Westerns, Bonanza, for example, they’re always walking behind their horses. But note that Little Joe is touching his horse for the most part when doing so. It looks like this little gal has mounted her horse this way many times.

Moo I’m A Horse shirt, tank top, ladies tee, hoodie and sweater

Moo I’m A Horse tank top
tank top
Moo I’m A Horse ladies shirt
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Horse bows head to keep eye on her. Stops flicking tail when she runs behind. Isn’t tied up at all. Stands exactly where she wants it to. Looks like it might nudge her a little when she climbs over the Moo I’m A Horse shirt. This child is very safe with this horse. And she’s wearing a helmet. Obviously not her first time around. I really love the communication going on between them. Totally agree. I got bucked off quite a few times in my childhood. Then got right back on. But never by my horse, Rowdy. He and my dog and cat were best friends. Unconditional love.

Moo I’m A Horse hoodie
Moo I’m A Horse sweater

For the life of me, I can see nothing wrong with this video. It is obviously a very well trained, and calm horse, an excellent animal for a young person. The young lady is learning all about life and how to solve problems/issues. Good on her!!! Adrian Pickard the problem is where the girl is walking behind the Moo I’m A Horse shirt Either you stay where you can keep a hand on the horse’s rear, or you stay far enough away to be out of range for getting kicked/stepped on. Even the best-trained horse can get spooked, and the gentlest horse can take a misstep. Accidents happen. If this little girl is around horses so much, she should know better

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