More Than An Athlete Shirt

More Than An Athlete Shirt

I consider myself liberal and while I’m disgusted by Trump supporters, I wouldn’t want to see them hunted or physically harmed. I just wished they would wake up to his duplicity. The fact that the film was green-lighted in the More Than An Athlete Shirt place will cause outrage from Trump supporters and they will direct it at the “left” as though we agree with it. The fact that it was in production feeds their conspiracy theories and may cause more violence. Everyone involved in this film is an idiot.

More Than An Athlete Shirt

More Than An Athlete Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

More Than An Athlete hoodie
More Than An Athlete sweater

It’s a good thing that violent video games and movies don’t insight shootings. Also of the two groups, I wonder who is more heavily armed. The More Than An Athlete Shirt movie to insight the Civil War. Nice going Universal.I completely despise Trump as much as the next but a production that glorifies violence upon any single real-life group of people is a completely tasteless stab at profits and not to mention it plays right into what Trump and his supporters are trying to accomplish- division.

More Than An Athlete tank-top
More Than An Athlete ladies-tee.
More Than An Athlete ladies-tee.

Gotta love when people who support freedom of speech and are against being PC argue for censorship. Let’s run all movie ideas by them lol Both and the More Than An Athlete Shirt have these tendencies Lmao, yes it is worth seeing, apparently, these reps haven’t seen The Purge or The Hungers Games, where the right does this. And why not suing or pulling back Trump instead since all these latest mass shootings have been provoked by his hate speech.

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