From Mother to Son shirt

From Mother to Son shirt

They should have ditched her long ago. Her deluded version of reality has diluted any Brexit conversation with Europe to the extent we are an international joke. Brexit was an idea to please the From Mother to Son shirt who will not even live to see its effect and diss generations, who will largely suffer from it if it happens. Its now time for the politicians to work together and agree to sort this Brexit fiasco, a general election will not solve anything only take the heat off the problem!

From Mother to Son shirt

From Mother to Son shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

From Mother to Son hoodie
From Mother to Son sweater

May has tried her best by taking everyone’s considerations into account. She knew she was going to have to fall on her own sword but no one could have done it more gracefully. As a consequence, we have got nowhere. Brexit has become a political mockery where people have been pushed into the From Mother to Son shirt that is causing immense economic hardships. If PM May is sincere she should step down and call for fresh elections to pave way for a fresh team to handle this crisis.

From Mother to Son ladies tee
ladies tee
From Mother to Son tank top
tank top

Why do so many rich tories want a hard Brexit? Just remember who got on the boats when the From Mother to Son shirt sunk. Same! The amazing thing is hearing the locked-up third class passengers asking for the ship to sink Any other PM would have resigned ages ago. Any other party of times gone by would have administered the coup de grace ages ago too. She truly is a zombie PM. A huge test which started over 2 years ago….. She has cost us an absolute fortune trying to get her own way.

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