Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt

Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt

I know they are trying to be politically correct, but they don’t seem to understand all the rules. For example, are they assuming the gender of the people in the adverts, based on mere biological presentation? How do we know that the person sitting on the sofa doesn’t identify as female, and the Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt picking up the sofa identifies as male? The toddler might even identify as non-binary, now that we are forced to “celebrate diversity”.

Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt

Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues hoodie
Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues sweater

Ghostbusters (female version) portrayed the Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt as ‘stupid’, extra stupid in fact and this was okay as he was surrounded by an intelligent woman. All this nonsense seems to work one way, like all equality. This advert looks like comedy and definitely set in a time gone by, the TV is not voice activated and that dress is now a curtain in my nan’s bungalow. Gender, ethnic and religious stereotypes are the basis of great humor. Pretty soon all we’ll be allowed to view is a beige screen promoting beige clothes, beige food, and beige cars that can only do beige mph.

Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues tank top
tank top
Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues ladies tee
ladies tee

You people keep wasting time on trivialities. Do you think you can remove “every” distinction between man and woman? Now, women, do everything men do. And people want men to do anything women do. Good! Maybe it’s working. Women play soccer now just as men. But why not engage a male team and a female team in a match and see the Ozzy Osbourne St.Louis Blues shirt? I’m against discrimination and subjugation/oppression of women. But I guess it’s getting stretched too far, unnecessarily. God isn’t stupid! Naturally, biologically, physiologically, anatomically, psychologically man can never be the same with a woman. We have to respect that difference, though not exploit it.

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