Pennywise Halloween Shirt

Pennywise Halloween Shirt

My mother’s father’s family (Evans) got to Baltimore in 1630 and eventually ended up in Texas. I lived in Uruguay for 20 years. There were several Evans in the British Cemetery. I also met a family that had exactly the Pennywise Halloween Shirt last names (you always use both your father’s and mother’s last names in Hispanic cultures). I am Walker Evans. The gentleman was Evans Walker. There’s a place in Pennsylvania with the Welsh name of Nanty Glo, which sounds as if it means something maternal and warm. It doesn’t.Mixed emotions here. On one hand, I am deeply saddened by the break up of this lovely couple. On the other hand… I won the office pool! This certainly made my day. Such a valuable piece of information gotta share it with my near and dear ones. Thank you, BBC for setting the benchmark and leading by example. I’ll certainly sleep better.

Pennywise Halloween Shirt

Pennywise Halloween Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Pennywise Halloween hoodie
Pennywise Halloween sweater

In the city of Richmond, VA (named after Richmond on the river Thames) we have an old iron foundry named Tredegar Iron Works named by Welsh immigrants in the 1830’s. It was named after another iron foundry from their native Wales. The Pennywise Halloween Shirt foundry became notorious because during the American Civil War it was the largest iron foundry in the Southern U.S. and would go on to produce 90% of the Confederate Armies cannons and the iron siding for the iron-cladded ships: the first of their kind in modern warfare.

Pennywise Halloween tank-top
Pennywise Halloween ladies-tee

There are not many welsh diasporas globally. Just in South America where welsh is still spoken in Patagonia by their sheep farming descendants. Nearly 8,000 miles away from Cardiff, in the Pennywise Halloween Shirt province of Patagonia in southern Argentina, around 5,000 people speak Welsh. Much bigger Scottish or Irish footprint globally though.

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