Picologue À Votre Service Shirt

Picologue À Votre Service shirt

Man is wired differently from the woman and that affects roles sociologically. Culture is conventional and stereotypical. So I don’t wanna make reference to it at all. But what’s the joy of being humans if we can’t play our roles respecting the diversity that still unites us in the equal dignity of the Picologue À Votre Service Shirt? Nanny state! I guess when your young daughter wants a Barbie for Christmas, we’ll have to point out the gender stereotype she is, and Father Christmas; sorry, Non-Binary multi-faith historical figure can’t condone such attitudes. And for the son who may want a formula one toy race car. Well, unfortunately, that can’t happen due to the under-representation of women F1 drivers. No fun allowed in the UK due to absurd ideas and interference by the nanny state!

Picologue À Votre Service Shirt

Picologue À Votre Service Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Picologue À Votre Service hoodie
Picologue À Votre Service sweater

Advertising affects children, pretty heavily in fact, and the Picologue À Votre Service Shirt tropes affect learned behaviors and attitudes. Of course, they get plenty of programming directly from the brainwashed adults like those displayed here who think those stereotypes are “just fine”, but at least it makes some sort of effort to stop feeding into that cycle of harmful rhetoric at a societal level. What about those women who go and do lunches coffee hair and nails and don’t do a thing in the house when they pay probably from their husbands accounts other people to do it for them. As they are too good to clean. I know a few of those.

Picologue À Votre Service tank top
tank top
Picologue À Votre Service ladies tee
ladies tee

Is there a board of people that sit down and decide what is considered a stereotype? A woman can’t be shown cleaning a home, a man can’t be shown at work? I would be suspicious of the Government setting speech standards such as this as it is the Picologue À Votre Service Shirt of the free speech That I hope we all share.

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