The Schnauzer King Shirt

The Schnauzer King Shirt

A lot of people who are smallscale artists and businesses find the current system easy – you can play at a resort or hotel or event. Same with people teaching yoga or doing holistic therapies – we can easily go and work in Spain for example at a retreat and so on. After Brexit it is going to be a lot more hassle – again not impossible but not in any way as easy and often not worth it as the costs will cause a loss. The The Schnauzer King Shirt to Europe is short too – having dealt with countries further afield is going to be more costly in travel and also less ecologically sound.

The Schnauzer King Shirt

The Schnauzer King Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

The Schnauzer King hoodie
The Schnauzer King sweater

I don’t think the EU parliament is perfect but I do think we ought to have fought from within. I do not want deals with countries whose standards on animal welfare, pesticides, etc are lower than the EU. I also worry about public health. I do think borders are important when it comes to criminals and disease etc. However, Brexit isn’t going to be the The Schnauzer King Shirt that a lot of folks seem to naively think either.

The Schnauzer King tank-top
The Schnauzer King ladies-tee

This could well be out of the The Schnauzer King Shirt pan into the fire. I think we are being so stubborn about the referendum and both sides seem to have extreme beliefs – I think we would have been better staying with and fighting really hard on issues like enabling police to ban travel for certain criminal elements (but I think if our government hadn’t cut our police force right down any way we could have been in a better state internally anyway). They have spun a lot and blamed stuff on the EU which isn’t necessarily the fault of. On musicians and music though this is going to hit a lot of people in a negative way. Yes, I am sure people can adapt but it is offputting and really hard for many.

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