Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt

Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt

Dunno if the Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt is guilty or not but to claim Sweden is in any way racist is false, I used to live there it’s the fairest country you could ever go to  You got a young girl from Sweden who skipped of school telling you about climate now you have a black an American rapper from a Swedish jail to listem to  this isn’t the first time the BBC have gone on about this crap so-called rapper. So go back to your coloring in!

Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt

Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt

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Skull Chicago Cubs sweater

Unani Motlhanka not everything is racism just because a black person says so…… you see how that works? He was caught on camera hitting the victim, the trial will determine if it was self-defense or not, not the Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt public. A little research isn’t too hard, all these people saying a black guy getting stuck in prison must show that a country is a racist, they should check the figures you’d be hard-pressed to find a European country that has given more asylum seekers residence than Sweden, Oh yeah of course it’s a racist country.

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But what is it that Trump admin expect? “Justice for Rocky” means that he should be exempt from Swedish law? Why is that so? There is a culture among some people who believe that Americans should somehow not fall under the legislation of foreign countries and that holding them accountable outside the US is some kind of human rights violation. It is not. He WILL receive justice, but it will be served under Swedish law, as soon as they have sorted out the Skull Chicago Cubs Shirt. What exactly is the point of these celebrities, expecting THE PRESIDENT to get involved in a street fight case? So they believe Swedish authorities should just do nothing or what? I don´t get the logic behind that.

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