Spongebob Sweet Victory shirt

Spongebob Sweet Victory shirt

Boy did I hate him at first. To get anywhere with this book one has to immerse oneself in the Spongebob Sweet Victory shirt of life and marriage in the nineteenth century. At first, all this talk of entailment and manners just left me cold. I liked the language to be sure. Austen’s dialogue is delightful throughout but dialogue alone (no matter how delicious) does not a great novel make.

Spongebob Sweet Victory shirt

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Spongebob Sweet Victory sweater

A hundred pages or so in though I started to see what a shrewd eye for the character this Austen woman had. Mr. Collins was the Spongebob Sweet Victory shirt person I marveled at. His character springs forth fully formed as a total but somehow loveable ass. From that point on I found much to love about this book. I was so into it by the end that I was laughing at some characters, sympathizing with others and clucking my tongue at an unhappy few. In short, I was completely absorbed.

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In conclusion, I must now count myself a fan of Miss Austen’s novels (and not just their film adaptations) and do so look forward to acquainting myself with more of her work in the Spongebob Sweet Victory shirt. “Emma” anyone?Where my massive crush on Jane Austen began: alone, on a hot day in Montana, cursing her name.I had to read it for AP English and I could not see the point. Girls need to marry. Girls can’t get married. Girls are sad. Girls get married. Girls are happy.

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