Stranger Things Character Shirt

Stranger Things Character shirt

During ww2 people like my grandma spent 7 days a week keeping this country together as best they could, she worked in a munitions factory where equipment was tough, women worked the Stranger Things Character Shirt , kept everything going, they got on with it, women just got on with it, those women were great, resilient, just saying. Good grief! The first resuscitation mannequin, Resusci Anne, was a woman with breasts. And inconsiderate men were known to have behaved badly and to have taken inappropriate photos. So maybe it is better to have non-gendered mannequins to learn on.

Stranger Things Character Shirt 

Stranger Things Character Shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Stranger Things Character hoodie
Stranger Things Character sweater

Well, because her feet are wider, I used to buy boy shoes and jeans for my daughter because they held up. The same maker sold in the Stranger Things Character Shirt store but meant for girls or women fall apart with little use. I have long narrow feet and can’t get narrow shoes in the average store, the medium is good enough, just buy them short they say. Oh, my aching feet! I have taken several First Aid courses (some 5 days long) where the instructor(s) tend to not mention that we need to take off the bra to use the defibrillator but luckily someone asks. And YES when doing CPR on a female one can easily hit the breast. It’s uncomfortable for both parties but it comes down to life and death.

Stranger Things Character tank top
tank top
Stranger Things Character ladies tee
ladies tee

Strange as now woman are as equal as men but are they really? Yes at certain things like the workplace but not all the Stranger Things Character Shirt . Now some of the issues raised are ridiculous..Having breasts on a mannequin is going to make no positive difference and is more than likely going to be so far from how real breasts behave when performing CPR that it makes the whole thing pointless as the first aider will be expecting something very different to what they find.

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