Virginity rocks shirt

Virginity rocks shirt

I think the Virginity rocks shirt(and the Uni) need to thoroughly research this before making these claims. Lots of scientific evidence to disprove this and one other point, if we stop eating cows then how are we going to keep their numbers down year on year and importantly who will foot that cost?that’s because those studies are based on the AMERICAN recommended diet, which substitutes meat with fish and dairy! If you stop eating meat (including fish meat) and dairies, the human food environmental impact would lower more than 80%!

Virginity rocks shirt

Virginity rocks shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

Virginity rocks hoodie
Virginity rocks sweater

It’s ok to eat beef, but be more responsible and respected when you buy it. A lot of beef consumption now is beef burgers on a daily basis, whereas years back beef was bought for a family Sunday roast and that was it. I can’t work out whether this is a serious comment… Are there people out there who actually believe cows are like locusts, and that if we didn’t eat them then we would be overrun with immense numbers of cows? well if we’re not allowed to eat them, milk them, or use them for clothing, there’s really no other point in breeding them at all, is there? Farming isn’t an animal charity! Perhaps the Virginity rocks shirt will take overpaying for their keep?

Virginity rocks tank-top
Virginity rocks ladies-tee

Cows dont naturally propagate in the Virginity rocks shirt speed as we ARTIFICIALLY incriminate them. If we stop eating meat obviously we wouldn’t just release all 1.5 billion cows into the wild. It would have to be a gradual process, and when that happens the numbers will decrease by themselves. You won’t get swarmed by cows, they’re not bunnies.

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