Wine Goddess shirt

Wine Goddess shirt

I don’t like Indian movies. They are singing and dancing at the Wine Goddess shirt middle of the war. It is not possible.  this film is based on a true story, showing that when a husband that how much his wife struggling during  days  they are poor and can’t afford to buy a sanitary pads and this is causing serious diseases to millions of women who are struggling like his wife, how he collected enough money and design a machine to make pads at home and then that man didn’t sell the copyright to earn money, but he donated it to so that other women can get benefit.

Wine Goddess shirt Ladies shirt and Hoodie

Wine Goddess Ladies shirt
Ladies shirt
Wine Goddess shirt Hoodie


Rather living in fake world where, etc etc , at least he tried to show a true hero, who tried to help women, he could earn a lot by selling his idea but he decided to donate that machine. the Wine Goddess shirt  people who are making jokes, how many of you ever tried to help someone Nobody tells a female she should not set foot in a temple because she is menstruating. This idea goes back to the days when there were no such things as sanitary towels, and ladies would be bleeding all over the place, so they would not wish to enter the temple out of respect and to preserve their own dignity.

Wine Goddess shirt Tank Top and Sweater

Wine Goddess Tank Top
Tank Top
Wine Goddess sweater

But nowadays, it is possible for women to enter a temple, they are not banned or prohibited from doing so and never have been, because it is nobody else’s business whether a woman or a girl is menstruating or not. Some may feel uneasy about doing so but some may not. But if anyone tells you that it is part of Indian cultural or religious values that women do not enter the temple when menstruating, hit them with the Wine Goddess shirt facts. Many women prefer not to enter places of worship when menstruating for a variety of different reasons. And that is entirely their choice, and not imposed upon them. I am very much looking forward to Padman and it is fantastic to see this movie being made, as it can alter attitudes not just in India, but worldwide.

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